Sure Shift ( and sh!t) happens.  The good news, we don't have to "drift" anymore through life. We have the power to create the little (and big) shifts in our lives. We can shift our health, weight and worthiness. We can shift out of our dis-empowering stories and limiting beliefs.  We can shift out of those annoying habits that are keeping us stuck and unhappy. We trade them for ones that help move us forward in the direction of our dreams and goals. We can get back in the driver's seat, take control of the wheel of life and start shifting. We can shift into confidence, courage and clarity.  I've done it. I can show you the way, give you the tools and guide you to change the things you thought were "unshiftable" 



Why is Coach Judy the one to help you shift?

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If you don't think your story is beautiful... and divine. I will show you it is.

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Step out of the history that is holding you back. Step into the new story you are willing to create.
— Oprah Winfrey


Sweet Words From sweet clients

Judy is a phenomenal coach, having an awesome energy and a fabulous ability to laugh. She helps put things in perspective, making sure that life is still fun, whilst always bringing me back to the reasons why I’ve chosen my goal. I started out with a sporting goal and Judy totally understands coaching is much more than looking at simple results. She has coached me on every aspect of my life – understanding the balance of mothering young children, being a wife, running a company and training at high standards. She always helps you works out the next action steps at the end of each session. Being thoughtful and kind, Judy will also kick you up the butt just when you need it too! Totally recommend Judy as a life coach….and all in all, one of life’s great people
— Rachel Borland, Mom, Ironmum and Entrepreneur
Thank you so much for the incredible Story Shifting Session that helped me reframe my story about leaving the big law firm into recognizing that the courage and vulnerability it took to go in a different direction shaped me into who I am today. Your ability to listen, pull out the pertinent parts of the story, and help to shift the story into powerful language that can help me now is truly a special gift. It’s life-changing!
— Lisa Fraley, Legal Coach & Attorney
I originally wanted to work with Judy for general business coaching. Through our sessions together, Judy helped me uncover some feelings I was having about situations in my past that were holding me back from having the confidence I should have now. We went much deeper than I would have ever imagined and changed my mindset on a few different situations in my life. I am so grateful for the time I spent with Judy and her help in changing the stories I was telling myself.
— Crystal Henning, Financial Advisor