I'm so happy (yes, really) that you found me. There are no coincidences in life. I believe you were sent here for hope and help. 

Let's Make shi(f)t happen!

How about some coffee and coaching? (virtual or in real life either, way good with me)

How about some coffee and coaching? (virtual or in real life either, way good with me)

For over 40 years, I struggled with my relationship with food, weight, and disordered eating. I suffered with depression, anxiety, shame and unworthiness. Even as a nurse, I battled with my own health. Suffering from autoimmune disease, chronic fatigue, leaky gut, food intolerance, allergies and un-wellness.  I worried myself with fears and negative thought loops and believing my own dis-empowering stories.

As a nurse, I was determined to find another way, to find answers, to get well and to find hope and help.  

I did. I found a way to live happy, healthy and worthy. 

I found the answers were in the stories I was telling myself, stories and beliefs that kept me stuck and help me back, and made me ill. The answers were in the habits I was creating based on my thinking. Choosing new thoughts and a new inspired vision for my life was the answer.

I want that for you too.  It is my passion to help women like you shift out of your stories, habits and negative thinking The very things that are  keeping you from living a life full of joy and vibrant health. 

Shift your habits. Shift your thinking. Shift your stories. Shift your life.    Isn't it time you made a Life-Shift? 

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When we deny our stories, they define us. When we own our stories, we get to write a brave new ending.
— Brené Brown