Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

Empowering Thoughts, Mantras and Beliefs

©Judy Prokopiak Coaching

     I created this powerful and useful tool because when I needed to change my own thoughts I wish I would have had this.

When I became aware that my thoughts were creating my feelings, I needed to learn how to find new thoughts because about 90% of the 60,000 thoughts rolling around in my head were the same ones I had the day before!   Although many of those thoughts were empowering and helpful, lots of those thoughts, beliefs and mantras needed an upgrade, like your computer.

    I have complied some of the best thoughts that have served me and my clients over the years.  Some are mine, some i learned from others, but most are ones that I have chosen to believe, you don’t have to believe any of these, so take what works for you and let go of what doesn’t. The shift in your thinking is critical to how you feel, your emotions and therefore your actions and results.

     I hope this handout offers you optional thoughts that you can use to help you navigate better feelings which will lead you to being able to step into new actions, new habits and new identity.  I made it printer friendly so you can print it out and keep it handy to choose new thoughts when you want them. I’m looking forward to watching you live happy, healthy and worthy. I know that you have everything you need to live your remarkable life.

  1. It’s my job to make myself happy.

  2. I can do hard things, I have done hard things before.

  3. It’s always a thinking problem.

  4. If  I have a problem that can be solved with action, I don’t have a problem.

  5. I can always choose another thought.

  6. I don’t have to believe everything I think.

  7. I  get to believe anything I want.

  8. I have the permission and power to change my story.

  9. I can’t change what’s happening, but I can choose what I want to think and what I do next.

  10. I am enough.

  11. I am remarkable.

  12. I am capable.

  13. I get to love whoever I want.

  14. I am doing the best I can.

  15. People are doing the best they can

  16. I will see it when I believe it.

  17. Everything is figureoutable.

  18. There’s always more money.

  19. There’s plenty of money.

  20. Thoughts are always optional.

  21. My happiness is an inside job.

  22. What other people think of me is none of my business.

  23. “I don’t know”  is never true.

  24. Attitude of gratitude, makes life better.

  25. Shifting into gratitude changes my state.

  26. I can only experience one emotion at a time.

  27. I am more powerful than I know.

  28. A negative emotion won’t kill me.

  29. Nothing I can do can make me more loveable.

  30. Worry makes me feel like I am doing something.

  31. Saying it’s hard will make it harder.

  32. Love always loves.

  33. Life has challenges, but Struggling and suffering are optional.

  34. I am Flawsome ( awesome with flaws)

  35. Done is better than perfect.

  36. B- work is acceptable.

  37. My story matters.

  38. I don’t need to feel guilty for taking care of me.

  39. I am worthy.

  40. I am valuable.

  41. I have gifts that the world needs.

  42. Circumstances are Neutral.

  43. There is joy in today.

  44. I can love my body while I’m trying to change it.

  45. I just want to be better than I was yesterday.

  46. I choose Love.

  47. I am willing to love myself just as I am.

  48. I ‘m courageous enough to do the healing work.

  49. Thought work is king.

  50. Forgiveness is key to healing.

  51. I can have excuses or results, but no both.

  52. Stop sleepwalking through life… Wake up

  53. I don’t have to explain my life to anyone.

  54. Now matter how hard it gets, I’m going to make it.

  55. I can give up, give in, or give it my all.

  56. I have all the answers.

  57. I can trust myself.

  58. It’s safe to share my story.

  59. Sharing my truth is freedom.

  60. I’m choosing to stop riding the shame train.

  61. Stop starting over.

  62. What I appreciate, appreciates.

  63. I can always choose love.

  64. I am brave.

  65. Fear and excitement feels the same in my body.

  66. Being in flow is being in my zone of genius.

  67. My personality is here to serve my soul.

  68. I am worthy of love and belonging.

  69. Money is neutral.

  70. Money is just an exchange of energy.

  71. Anxiety is energy.

  72. I am beautiful and kind, now believe it.

  73. Success is a way of being, not a destination.

  74. I am a success right now.

  75. Happiness is always available.

  76. Health is a choice.

  77. What I think I become.

  78. What I feel, I attract.

  79. What I imagine, I create.

  80. I am a powerful creator.

  81. I will fuel my body for energy.

  82. Food is not for entertainment.

  83. My Health is my responsibility

  84. Perfectionism steals my joy.

  85. I am bigger than my trigger.

  86. I am willing to take action.

  87. Always question, Is it True?

  88. I am willing to fail… a lot.

  89. Failure is the path to success

  90. Bodies are weird, and I love that.

  91. ….. And I love that!  (no matter your thought, positive or negative)

  92. Money is easy and fun.

  93. I can make everything a laughing matter.

  94. God created me and he never screws up.

  95. No one has it easy.

  96. Perfection is impossible.

  97. I trust myself to find the solution.

  98. Asking for help is not weakness.

  99. I have value and purpose.

  100. It’s my job to learn how to love myself ( all the parts of me)

  101. Thank you.. Two of the most powerful words.