Create lasting change that leads you to letting go of your dis-empowering stories and step into your true confidence in just three sessions.

Welcome, and thank you for taking the time to look into just one of the ways I help you move confidently into the next best version of yourself. I created these mini coaching program (of 3 sessions) to help you quickly shift the script you’ve been telling yourself about yourself.

My sessions are an amazing way to finally have the time to reflect on your life in a structured way, so that you can move forward into the life you want with more ease, flow, confidence and happiness.

I’m Judy Prokopiak ( Coach Judy) and I combine my skills as a nurse/past pastoral nurse, head competitive swim coach, health and life coach to bring you a conversation that shifts your perception of yourself. When you change that perception, amplified in the stories you’ve been telling yourself about yourself, you’re free to be the person you most want to be, by starting to see your stories in a way  that's new and empowering and that you deeply believe.

In these sessions, we make time for YOU. We make time to talk about your dreams, goals, challenges, accomplishments and successes. This three session mini coaching package for confidence and courage begins with a one hour call that helps you get clear on where you are right now, what you really want in your life with regard to health, time and money freedom, career and relationships, and why you think you don’t have that.

WE then have a powerful two hour intensive session where we…

  1. We re-live your best moments so you take even a minute to stop being so hard on yourself and remember how truly amazing you are.

2. We talk about a challenge you’ve faced, and come through, even if looking back now you wished you had used other means of getting through it. (That’s okay, we’re all learning and growing, continuously.) I will help you see how strong and courageous and resourceful you really are.

3. We talk about a moment you felt incredibly successful.

4. Finally, we bring awareness and insight to a moment you fell flat on the ground and (insert nervous stomach butterflies here) believe you failed or didn’t live up to your own or others expectations. I help you see that you can rewrite that story. That story that might keeping you stuck or holding back.

5. At the end I use my unique intuitive gift of bringing this conversation together in a more empowering and enlightening way to help you finally re-frame this limiting belief, with your own words so you can forever be transformed from this belief. Seeing your own beautiful divine journey as exactly that. A journey full of joy and loss, success and failure, hope and hopelessness.

When you change what you started to believe about yourself in these moments, you change your life, your outlook, your relationships, the risks you're willing to take, and your confidence.

You move forward with drive and energy. You set reminders for yourself to live the life you want. And, maybe for the first time, now that you’ve changed your stories with my help, you actually start reaching the goals that matter to you.

These sessions are completely confidential, and they give you a place to reflect on what’s important to you in a sacred and safe space..

They clear up frustrations, resistance and uncomfortable sensations of feeling stuck and lost in life, and they invite a beauty and focus and flow and energy that’s intoxicating to be around.

They happen online or over the phone, so that you can be in the comfort of your own home, or a quiet room, and so that you don’t have to battle with traffic or commute times to make it to my office. (Though if you’d prefer an in person meeting i can totally make that work in the Jacksonville Florida area)

Each meeting is completely in your control. If you don’t want to share a certain story, you don’t have to. If you want to hold back for now, that’s okay. And if you want to share and bawl and release, let go and surrender, that’s fine by me, too. Just know that whatever stories show up are there to teach you or to be healed.

Because these meetings create such personal, deep changes for clients, a meeting with me could help with your business, a business idea, a relationship that matters to you, major weight loss, your confidence in addressing a crowd, or any other goal that’s important to your heart right now.

You can find testimonials to read below, and if you resonate with these words and the words of past clients, join me for a session.

Find out what it’s like for YOU. Because no one’s testimonial in the world can be as profound as the deeply personal shift you’ll find yourself in, as you create the new life you’ve always imagined.


I had heard of Coach Judy's story shift sessions but wasn't sure it was for me. I didn't really relate to a lot of the examples of stories that could be shifted. I consider myself a strong, resilient woman who's made it through a lot of stuff in my life and come out stronger. I don't like to sit idle and prefer to take charge and make changes where I can to make things better. But this past winter really put me in a rut and though I felt like I was slowly moving through it, I figured why to give a session with Judy a try and get out of this rut faster (remember I don't like to sit idle!). Just is such a warm and inviting presence and really makes you feel comfortable enough to open up and share with her. I went in to the session thinking I knew what might be the thing I needed to work on and it ended up being something else I didn't even realize I was telling myself that was affecting so much of my life. Sometimes we just need that outside view to help us see the whole picture. I felt empowered again after my session and like I've finally conquered that rut I was in. I highly recommend working with Coach Judy. You are worth the investment!             

Kimberly Tank, Award winning Photographer

 I am about to undergo a very BIG leap in my life and business. I am about to speak on stage at two events where I will be sharing my story and crafting and my message in order to empower and help other women. I wanted to get help in seeing my story as important, and those little voices of doubt in my head are little buggers sometimes! You seemed to really care, even though you don't really know me in listened to what I shared in our group, as it was vulnerable for me to share what I did to a group of women. You took the initiative to show you cared and genuinely wanted to help me. I appreciated that. My experience during the session was you made things very light and you really helped me to laugh about some things and helped me to see my story in a more empowering way. You showed me what strength I had as I underwent some painful stuff, but came out on top! Sometimes we can be so hard on ourselves, but you have an ability to point out the positive and see things in a new light.  I would recommend you to others who may feel a bit shy or intimidated with sharing their story or wanting to make some shifts in how they feel and see their true power. 

Jodi Wheatly Nutrition Coach and  speaker helping women step out of narcissitic relationships and feel empowered.


_Do you think that your "stories" aren't affecting your life and business? Well, I did...and boy, was I wrong! My session with Judy helped me see how these little underlying stories I keep telling myself are what have been seriously holding me back in certain areas of my business. "Mindset" is such a trendy word these days, and so many people are jumping on the mindset bandwagon. But, I've experienced many of these mindset programs to be very surface level...the same stuff regurgitated. The way Judy works through her session was refreshing. It went much deeper, and she really finds the root of the story to help you shift out of it. I now have practical steps to implement when I start thinking certain disempowering thoughts to shift them before they take root and turn in to feelings, then actions.   

Megan Ritchie Body Language Coach and workshop facilitator


Coach Judy & I had a flip your script session in the middle of a huge crisis for me and my family. I felt powerless, exhausted and helpless. Coach Judy helped me to realize that the power I was seeking from outside of myself was actually inside of me the entire time; it was ALWAYS ME. I cannot tell you how much this means to me. This entire time, I had the ability to pull from my inner Mama Bear and Wolf but my inner stories kept me from believing I was strong enough and that I needed rescuing. Becoming aware of my inner power was an instant strengthening feeling, it stripped away my helplessness, my exhaustion and helped me connect to a power I had been unaware of for so long. Its been a huge key in dropping codependency in my relationships that no longer serve me. I was able to rescue MYSELF, I was able to overcome my negatives stories with her by my side creating a safe and nurturing environment. I often think back to our session and smile from the inside out. As a healer, it is so easy to help others heal but it takes a shit ton of courage to realize you need help with healing and it is OKAY to seek help! I am so proud of myself for being brave and courageous with Coach Judy. I highly recommend her to anyone.

- Nichole Causey, Intuitive Reiki Master PS: Book your session, you won't regret it.


"When Judy suggested I have a go at her Flip Your Script, 'Story' session, to be honest, I really wasn't sure I would get much out from it. I love listening to Tony Robbins, Mary Morrissey, Bob Proctor etc talks and thought that I have worked on most my 'stories' and am a positive and strong woman.

Give it a go, I told myself; the worse that can happen is I'll have a fab 90 minute chat with Judy. Only once I'd committed to the call, something strange happened - I was really excited and within a few hours my intuition told me what story it wanted me to deal with. 

The 90 minute call flew by! I loved every second. We didn't just talk about one story we talked about loads. Judy has designed a fabulous programme to lead you beautifully through your life. What a change in my mindset. I had no idea how 1 little perception 25 years ago has been running through my whole life. Judy found it, changed it and within 90mins has given me a totally new and more positive look on my life's choices.

A really elegantly presented programme, with amazing and empowering results. Thank you so much Judy" 

Rachel Borland   Mompreneur and Ironwoman

Judy's sense of humor coupled with her care and knowledge really sets her apart from most of the health and wellness coaches out there. She will meet you "where you are" with not even a smidgen of guilting or shaming, and encourgaement. She will then lead you to where you want to be and show you just how powerful and courageous you really are.     

Chel Hamilton  Speaker, Coach, Hypnotherapist, healer and top podcast creator Meditation Minis