Is your story keeping you fat, broke, alone, stuck or dissatisfied with life?

“Fake it till you make it”. This was one of my big dis-empowering stories.  I was never good enough. I’ll just fake it till I make it.  The problem was, when did I make it? When would I know if I made it?  I always felt that imposter syndrome. Never going to be good enough.

Who was I trying to be good enough for? 

Trying to prove my worthiness and “good-enough-ness”.

  • “I’m disorganized”
  • “I’m a hot mess”
  • “I’m not smart enough”
  • “I can’t do it”
  • “I not thin enough”
  • “I’m not educated enough”
  • “I’ll be happy when________________”
  • “Why can’t I get my shit together”
  • "WTF is wrong with me”
  • “Why can’t I finish things”

I’m sure you’ve had thoughts like these… ( it’s part of our human condition)

These thoughts are here because of the stories and beliefs running in the background of our lives. It's like an out dated operating system. We are running our adult lives with an operating system of a 4 year old!

This is why we struggle to move forward, to take action, to get our goals, live our dream life. We struggle with self doubt, self judgement, stories of shame and unworthiness, and not trusting our inner wisdom.

Heck we are not even able to hear it because of all the chatter going on in there.

We believe these lame ass stories of shame, unworthiness, self doubt, not enough-itis!  (tip- you are enough). We keep looking back and thinking, “I should have done this, I could have done that, Why did (didn't) I do that.  That was so stupid"

The beauty in all this…

we don’t have to keep telling ( and believing) those same stories!

I had stories of failed dreams, disappointment, struggle, suffering.  I am sure you do to!


We all do! Dreams that didn’t work out. Goals that we didn’t achieve. Things we didn’t finish.

Do you have some stories too that are no longer serving you?

It’s not your fault

IT’S TIME TO STEP OUT OF THAT STORY and into your confident and courageous self

Let me guide you on a 90 day Life Shift Project where...

You will go from the drift of an unfocused and unsatisfied life, find the courage to dare to dream again and live a life you love.

 You will stop the negative chatter and shift out of those dis-empowering stories you are believing about yourself and see just how beautiful your story really is ( with all its flaw-some-ness). 

You will shift out of your habits of procrastination, numbing out and shift into a woman who decides, commits and takes massive imperfect action.

  • 12 Weekly 1:1 private 1 hour coaching sessions
  • 1 x 90 min Shift Your Story session to re-frame your stories and limiting beliefs ( confidence session
  • Weekly worksheets and downloads
  • unlimited Email and text support ( m-f)

During the 12 weeks we will cover this (and more)

  • What are you tolerating in your life?
  • What habits do you need to let go of and what new ones do you need in their place?
  • Finding your powerful WHY. (why do you want this and why now)
  • Getting clear and creating a vision (dreams and goals) for how your life will be.
  • Co-creating action steps, and tools to help you implement ( even when you don't "feel" like it)
  • Tools and strategies to navigate obstacles ( they will show up)
  • Awareness of the chatter going on in your head (learn to manage your thoughts)
  • Shifting out of self sabotage, self doubt and judgement
  • Build confidence by seeing your (beautiful and courageous) stories in a new more empowering way
  • Learning to stop the negative thought loops of shame and unworthiness ( let's stop riding the shame train)
  • Breaking through and shifting the "habits" that are habitually you!  (the stress, anxiety, overwhelm, procrastination)  
  • Morning routines, meditation and mindfulness
  • Create a movement and eating protocol ( to manage binge eating, overeating or other eating challenges if that is an issue) take your lifestyle and make it healthier 

Still not sure?

Let's chat about what you want and why you think you don't have it already?

Ready to go?

Let's do this thing!